Local and International    

With a good traffic connection, the Sibal Gmbh is easily reachable by land route, water and airway, and is within predestined to manage your brand event on national and international trade fair scenes.    

Another important factor is the large number of local suppliers, we choose by the highest standards of manufacturing. Our subcontractors assure that every fair booth and each event can be produced in excellent quality. Our dense network of partners and technical crews let the location of our head office be a significant factor of success in the corporate history.



5 min. to the Motorway A8    
15 min. to the Container Terminal Augsburg    
50 min. to the Airport Munich


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Expedition Grimm


GM International

Project Management by idea, space, spot and time    

The passionate discussion, the great show, the special atmosphere, in short: the successful fair appearance have its origins far behind the scenery. Thereto we contribute our determining share.    

Constituted very well, trim-structured, assured of success and loyal our team gets straight to the heart of your idea or, more specifically, transforms it into a cost- and time-optimized direction plan for the gigantic game set.    

These are the fundamental services you can expect from us.

Services by Idea

Concept development through our architects and graphic designers Trade fair studies, scale modelling, manufacturing of patterns

Services by Space    

Booth planning, development of design elements and presentations
Light planning, acoustic planning
Technical drawings by CAD
Graphic layouts and choice of graphic presentation like large format print, light, LCD or laser

Services by Spot

Recognition of climate conditions, specifics and legal requirements
Consultation of local partner companies
Tuning by local conditions on fairgrounds and in fair halls

Services by Time

Adjustment of realisation by temporal conditions
Fixation of project flow by a computer based management system